The History of – Part 2 has an interesting history. The site actually started somewhere else, and the old-timers remember where – SuperHeroHype. That’s right, your favorite Superman community was born entirely of another community. This is how the first incarnation of the site came about.

The History of – Part 1

As part of the fourth anniversary celebration of (back in 2008), I thought it would be fun to make a few posts about the history of BlueTights. With the site now leaving, I wanted to bring those posts over here to preserve the history of that great community. In this first look, I wanted to highlight the logos we’ve gone through in building the BlueTights Network. Most of the old-timers remember these, but I thought it would be fun to look at for some of the folks who came along halfway through our journey.

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The End of an Era

Since the early days of 2004, I’ve been building a Superman-focused community called Over the years, the site has seen more success than I ever could have imagined in it’s earliest days. Earlier this week, I announced I was closing down, the most successful community site I’ve ever run. This is the letter I wrote about why I’d be closing the site down, but I’m not sure that I could ever sum up the happiness and gratitude I feel toward the community itself.

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Introductions are in Order

Hi. I’m Justin, and I’m an enabler.

When I was 12 years old, I got on the internet using the access provided by a college professor that lived around the corner from me, and a little help from my friend – his dad was an IBM tech, so he knew a ton about computers. Far more than I did, anyway. It was at this ripe age that I created my first community web experience. It was a wierd little somewhat self-serving science fiction writing project. The intent was to get me to write more, but the universe itself was created by my friends.

It didn’t last long, really, but I was already hooked. Since then, I have been a passionate and purposeful fan at the forefront of the online community movement. I have created independent portals and communities for several of my own passions, served as a third-party contracted Community Manager for Warner Brothers Pictures on an historic franchise, worked at Electronic Arts to breathe new life into a community that had been too long stagnant, and publicly represented four of the game industry’s most popular franchises.

Throughout it all, I’ve been driven by one core desire – to connect passionate, like-minded people with each other, and with the things they’re passionate about. I relish the opportunity to enable passionate people to express themselves in whatever ways they know how.