15 Minutes of Game Is Moving

Hey everyone. The time has come to move things around a bit. We really appreciate all the support that everyone’s been on the podcast, and because of that support, we’re moving the podcast off of my blog and into it’s own home. From now on, all 15MoG posts (and podcasts) will go up over at http://www.15mog.com. The iTunes feed is a bit trickier to deal with, as the free wordpress setup this blog is on doesn’t easily allow us to update the feed. So, if you’re an iTunes subscriber, know that you may have to switch over your subscription soon. Sorry about the mess, but that’s why we’re doing this now, before we get more people on board.

Thanks for everything!

Negotiating Between Consultation and Creativity

Two days ago, Ryan Arndt (@CertainlySocial), Community Manager for the IGDA, sent me an article called “The Web is a Customer Service Medium.” You can click the link and read it for yourself, if you’d like. In fact, I encourage you to do just that.  In the article, Paul Ford discusses the nature of the web, and the differences between it and other mediums, spefiically traditional print publishing. Ford suggests that every medium answers a question, and that in the case of the internet, that question is this: “Why Wasn’t I Consulted?”

Much of the article is about adapting for success on the internet, focusing on creating experiences that give people a voice and a feeling of that voice being heard. Ford draws a line between what I feel are two very important pieces of the internet. On one side, he references the content of the web. Whether it’s blogs, book excerpts, podcasts, or some other content, it’s usually an extension of some other medium, and old-school media frequently struggles to understand why publishing these snippets doesn’t generate a community.  Ford’s ultimate conclusion is that “The web is not, despite the desires of so many, a publishing medium. The web is a customer service medium.”

He’s right. This idea, the “Why Wasn’t I Consulted?” question, is the very reason that the job of Community Management exists in the first place.

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15 Minutes of Game – Episode 18

15 Minutes of Game LogoFollowing up on our last episode, we talk about what to do after you’ve been invited to a community summit. We share with you some of the stories we’ve collected about what not to do at a summit, and give you some advice about tailoring your coverage to ensure that you get invited back every time.

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