Please RT.

Yesterday, a small bit of dust was kicked up about whether or not it was okay to ask for followers or to ask for retweets. The implication of an original post was that it was a “faux-pas” to do either of these things. While I’ll definitely back up that it’s generally a faux-pas to ask for followers (hey, I’ve done it once or twice when I’m very close to cresting a milestone number), I couldn’t disagree more about the retweets.

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How Do You Cast Your Pod?

Hey folks –

Okay, so a ton of folks on twitter the other day started suggesting that @weezul and I start doing a podcast. We’re entertaining the idea, for sure. There is experimenting afoot. Since the idea came from the internet, we want your help with a few things. First of all, we’re interested in what you’d call the show. We have some ideas, but want to hear yours. Here are a few that already came across the ‘verse:

  • Justin and the Weez
  • Ebony & Ivory (we’ll assume this is a reference to the 360 and PS3, yes?)
  • The WeezOkay Spectacular
  • It’s Okay to Weez
  • Six of One, Weez of the Other

So what else ya got? We’d love to hear your show title ideas.

Okay, so now on to technology. I used to podcast regularly. Very regularly. But back then I used Garage Band and AIM on my mac. That little iBook gave it’s best, but has since completely died on me. These days, we’ll have to use a PC, and probably Skype. Which leaves me with this question – What software do you use to record your podcasts? Any recommendations for recording a show across skype?

Okay, that’s it for now… there will be more on this soon… stay tuned, and keep the feedback coming, please!

My PAX Schedule

Hey folks! So there are a ton of community people I want to meet up with at PAX. I’m not sure what everyone’s schedule looks like, but I figured I’d post mine. If you’re looking for me, here’s where you can find me and when:

PAX Schedule

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The green items are the ones that I’m directly involved in, and the purple ones are things I’ll be attending for my own gratification. The one caveat is the Friday session of the CM Challenge. That may get moved to be only the Saturday session. Either way, you should drop by the room both days! See you all at the show, and remember you can always find me on Twitter (@SixOkay) if you want to meet up!

My Apologies

So, no doubt you’ve seen that I’m not posting much at the moment. I owe the visitors an apology for that. See, I’ve been basically living like a homeless person for a while in my own home. With the move to Texas, my family had to stay behind for a few months. I’ve spent the last few weeks finalizing their move out to Texas, and living in a completely empty house with no internet access. Hence the lack of attention the blog has gotten. But for those who continue to visit, thank you for your patience, and I promise to start posting again very soon. Look for my thoughts on E3 very soon!