Get Scrappy

As a community site competing for attention against major gaming press sites, you’ve got a lot less resources to work with. Instead of lamenting your miserable lot in life, you should be concentrating on being scrappy. What’s that mean? It means worry less about pomp and circumstance, and more about getting the job done effeciently and creatively.

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The History of – Part 5

March 10, 2005. With the words “Hello from Sydney,” Superman Returns director Bryan Singer opened the doors of the production to the hungry masses online.

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The History of – Part 4

With WB on the phone, and the Superman Returns film production crew wanting to talk to us about some cool fan outreach opportunities, my mind of course went to the design of the site. I wanted to redesign it to feel a bit more serious, or at least a little less amateurish. This History update is a look at some of the concepts that were thrown around during this brief period of confusion.

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The History of – Part 3

Things were looking up for, but we were about to make a leap into a whole new echelon. As with most growth spurts for the site, this all began with yet another site redesign… to make us a little more content-friendly. Read more of this post

The History of – Part 2 has an interesting history. The site actually started somewhere else, and the old-timers remember where – SuperHeroHype. That’s right, your favorite Superman┬ácommunity was born entirely of another community.┬áThis is how the first incarnation of the site came about.

The History of – Part 1

As part of the fourth anniversary celebration of (back in 2008), I thought it would be fun to make a few posts about the history of BlueTights. With the site now leaving, I wanted to bring those posts over here to preserve the history of that great community. In this first look, I wanted to highlight the logos we’ve gone through in building the BlueTights Network. Most of the old-timers remember these, but I thought it would be fun to look at for some of the folks who came along halfway through our journey.

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The End of an Era

Since the early days of 2004, I’ve been building a Superman-focused community called Over the years, the site has seen more success than I ever could have imagined in it’s earliest days. Earlier this week, I announced I was closing down, the most successful community site I’ve ever run. This is the letter I wrote about why I’d be closing the site down, but I’m not sure that I could ever sum up the happiness and gratitude I feel toward the community itself.

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