15 Minutes of Game – Episode 10

15 Minutes of Game LogoThis episode is a bit of a hot topic! We discuss the comparisons between press and community sites. Having some experience on the inside of things as community manager, we spill the beans on some of our perspectives about how sites qualify as what, who takes care of whom, and what makes for a good community site.

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Why I Want Video Game Movies

I’m a big movie fan. I think it’s a brilliant medium for telling stories. I also think the same of video games, and they have the added bonus of making the story interactive. Very few new games come out without me thinking to myself, “I’d love to see a movie of this,” and until I was recently playing through Red Dead Redemption, I never thought about why. For decades now, people have tried crossing back and forth between the two mediums, usually with horrific results. So why do I continue to eagerly crave video game movies?

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