Get Scrappy

As a community site competing for attention against major gaming press sites, you’ve got a lot less resources to work with. Instead of lamenting your miserable lot in life, you should be concentrating on being scrappy. What’s that mean? It means worry less about pomp and circumstance, and more about getting the job done effeciently and creatively.

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The Gamers Guide to San Diego Comic Con

We’re nearing the end of July, so that means it’s time once again for the annual gathering of thousands of geeks in San Diego to celebrate my birthday. Now, I’m perfectly willing to admit that some of them might be going to visit that comic-book-thing that happens, but it’s a small percentage. If you do happen to be going to San Diego next week to celebrate all things Geekdom instead of my birthday (you still have time to get me a present!), I thought you might like to know what was going on at the Con for gaming fans. Here’s a breakdown of all things gaming at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

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