15 Minutes of Game – Episode 12

15 Minutes of Game LogoIn this day and age, do you really even need a forum to build a community? That’s the question that Jon and I tackle this week, straight from a twitter request. We each take a different side of the question, and hopefully give you something to think about with your own community building.

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Give it a listen and let us know if you think forums are essential to building a community.

Please RT.

Yesterday, a small bit of dust was kicked up about whether or not it was okay to ask for followers or to ask for retweets. The implication of an original post was that it was a “faux-pas” to do either of these things. While I’ll definitely back up that it’s generally a faux-pas to ask for followers (hey, I’ve done it once or twice when I’m very close to cresting a milestone number), I couldn’t disagree more about the retweets.

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15 Minutes of Game – Episode 2

15 Minutes of Game LogoWelcome back to 15 Minutes of Game. It would be impossible to not discuss Halo: Reach this week, so after some brief introductions, we spend a few minutes discussing Reach… but not the gameplay. Then it’s on to the focus of this week’s show – Twitter. Give it a listen below:

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We could likely have spent much more time talking about Twitter, and will undoubtedly do so in future episodes. If there’s anything specific you’d like us to talk about, remember that we can be reached via email (15minutesofgame [at] gmail [dot] com) or on twitter (@15MinutesOfGame). Shoot us any questions, comments, etc, and I promise we’ll do everything we can to get them in.

The New Twitter.com Is Not For Me

I was pretty excited last night as word started swirling around about some awesome Twitter news. Ultimately, that news was that Twitter.com was getting a new layout and making it easier to view media in your stream. And profiles are easier to see now, too, it seems. Overall, everything looks great. They should be proud of their work. It’s a big step for the site.

My big problem is that all of these updates do nothing to help me better use Twitter the way I use it. For me, Twitter is information and conversations. I don’t need another site to go to. I need the information being transmitted across Twitter by the people on Twitter. Twitter.com gives me lots of new options for looking at replies, direct messages, and so on, but they’re all accessed through a new tabbed-like interface. I have to go to the site and click each tab individually to see what’s going on.

In contrast, here’s how I use Tweetdeck:
My TweetDeck Layout

I use TweetDeck to manage four twitter accounts and all of the information associated with them. To do this with the new Twitter, I’d be spending my days logging in and out, in and out. Constantly. And once logged in, I’d be clicking tabs left and right to view things like mentions, searches, etc. The amount of work that would go into browsing the information I look for would go through the roof. TweetDeck gives me all of that information in a single window. No window-dressing. Just important information.

Twitter has never been about media consumption for me. I use Twitter as a tool to enable me to have a conversation with the world. I don’t want Twitter to be more like Facebook. I want it to make it easier for me to parse the high volume of information I go through daily. Until then, I’m sticking with TweetDeck.

PS. I also manage the same four accounts and 7 (sometimes 8) columns on my TweetDeck app.